Monday, 22 March 2010

Untitled #4

This is the only image out of this series where I have put two photographs together. I think they both work really well together for two reasons. One, because Kat is looking in opposite directions and two because her expressions are pretty opposite looking. I really like how it looks quite symmetrical. In the image to the left, her top is showing on her right and her hair on her left goes all the way to the bottom of the photograph. This is completely opposite in the other photograph. The object behind her in the photograph is this small window I have that's meant to let light into another room. It has a small wooden frame, and that is what appears in my image. You can see the corner of it on the image to the left and then you can see the bottom of it on the other image. In a very strange way, putting these two photographs side by side, reminds me of a joiner.

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